“The Argentine Vineyards Buyer’s Guide”

This may be the most valuable tool in your vineyard tool box and this 134 page “not to leave at home” essential Guide can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars and eliminate weeks of frustration in learning how to scout and purchase existing vineyards or land suitable to plant your own vineyard.

For anyone considering buying or planting a vineyard in Argentina, “The Argentine Vineyards Buyer’s Guide” is a must have.

Tom and Yvonne Phelan, two Americans, who live in Mendoza and San Rafael and are developing the 108 acre La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyard Development and Wine Club have gone through the Argentine vineyard purchasing process and share their experiences and valuable insights with you.

Here are just a few of the facts you should know before purchasing a vineyard or land:

  • Choosing the right Real estate Agent or 3rd Party representative
    1. Is the Real Estate Agent Licensed or just a 3rd Party Representative?
    2. Full Disclosure by your Agent or 3rd Party rep regarding any “special interest” he/she may have in the property, e.g. a loan to the Owner, or an “Option To Buy” or a ‘Net Amount” Agreement
  • Choosing the right Escribano
  • Choosing the right Argentine Accountant
  • Having the Owner terminate the existing Worker
  • What you need before you buy the property
    1. Survey (new, not an old one)
    2. Water Rights (verified)
    3. Type of grapes (verified)
    4. Agronomist’ Report (Soil Analysis)
    5. Worker (interview to see how he feels)
    6. Worker’s House (inspect for livability)
    7. Availability and Source of Electricity (could be using neighbors)
    8. Availability and Source of Water for Worker’s House
    9. Equipment (tractor and implements checked by mechanic)
    10. Wine (sample last year’s production)
    11. Official Receipt for prior year’s grape production if grapes were sold (weight and price paid)
    12. Are all taxes paid
    13. Are there any Liens of the property
    14. Who are all of the owners on the Title
    15. And much, much more.


The Argentine Vineyards Buyer’s Guide